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One roll, one kid- April

April- One roll, one kid

“Along the way, let’s never forget that once we were children and that we were all playing together without distinction of skin color, society level, or where people come from. Adults need to remember to play and to be more childlike in our behavior. We’ve forgotten what that childlike experience was like.”⁣
-Guy Laliberte ⁣

Play, play, play!! ⁣

I just love this monthly project as it has us getting out to play. I saw this field of mustard flowers on an errand, in an empty lot, and we returned with my camera to shoot my monthly roll. For this month I am actually posting from one roll, with one kid. 
It’s so important to play as an adult. Have you planned in some play for today or this week? I like to set play dates with myself, and with friends and family. We always laugh, and laughter feels so good doesn’t it? ⁣

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